CAA Book Promises To Surprise, Will Hit Store Shelves Next Summer

The book will cover decades of the talent agency’s history, from its beginnings when the boys left the powerful William Morris Agency and set up shop on Wilshire Blvd. Those boys, Rowland Perkins, Ron Meyer, Bill Haber, and Mike Rosenfeld.

It is a fascinating history especially in its very beginnings, the expansion outside of film and TV talent, to music, sports and advertising and even having a hand in multi billion dollar companies changing hands and executive placement.

The book will delve into later years with a new generation of agency and the quest for equity and capitalization from TPG investing in the company. It will also cover a tumultuous era with the new generation of agents, Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane and David O’Connor, Ovitz. It is, in many ways, a Shakespearean tale.

Miller said he had more than 300 interviews already conducted, including the CAA founders and current leadership, studio presidents, network chiefs, producers, directors, stars, musicians, athletes and agents.

Miller previously wrote Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History Of Saturday Night Live As Told By Its Stars, Writers, And Guests.