Julia Roberts pisses off her inlaws

Actress Julia Roberts’ inlaws are said to be annoyed that she didn’t tell them she was pregnant again before officially announcing it to the world. They don’t have the best relationship with Roberts after she broke up their son’s first marriage and then ridiculed his wife for not granting a divorce fast enough. It was a big snub to them that she didn’t tell them personally about her pregnancy news before everyone else found out.

The article goes on to claim that Roberts is hurt that none of her in-laws have congratulated her on the pregnancy, despite the fact that she didn’t tell them about it. There was a story last week that Julia and Danny were having trouble in their marriage over the fact that Roberts’ career isn’t going well.

She was said to be whiny and needy, complaining to Moder that she supported his career while she was taking care of their twins and that it was about time he stepped up to the plate to assist with her comeback. I don’t know what’s true, but it seems pretty likely that she might be fighting with her in-laws.

Word has it that Roberts is pregnant with a little boy, and that she’s not expecting twins again despite the rumors after she bought two identical cribs.